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About Us


Our Mission

We are guided every day to serve our respective clients by our mission. Our goal is to be one of the leading home health care service providers to every individual. We see to it that we deliver quality service without regard for gender, nationality, race, color, background, creed, ethnic culture, or nationality.

About Us

We find ways to communicate effectively with our clients to be able to reach out and work together. Cooperation is also a vital factor to achieve positive results when you are recovering from an injury or a disease. We will actively participate in providing educational awareness to patients and their families to assist them in understanding their illness and achieving their medical goals and improved health.

We are a Medicare Certified Home Health Agency and are founded on the principles of integrity and honesty. You are our highest priority. Divine Home Health Services LLC is proud to say that we are one of the trusted home health care service providers in the state of Ohio. Through the years of our continued service, we have learned the fulfilling endeavor we are pursuing.


Achieve the lifestyle you have always wanted.

The caregivers that we are going to send to your home are constantly monitored by our case managers to ensure that appropriate care and service are met as agreed. If you encounter any problems or changes that you would want with regards to our caregivers, you can always send us a message so that we can make the necessary corrections and adjustments immediately.

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